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About Magna Financial
Magna Financial is a specialist foreign exchange provider. We are a dynamic business, dealing with corporate and private clients globally. We believe service is of paramount importance, therefore providing a premium service to all clients, combining a depth of specialist expertise and market insight. We want to understand your needs fully and will work with you in the best way and introduce strategies to help execute your trades and minimise costs.
Magna financial for corporate clients
Timing and strategy goes a long way in making sure that highly volatile markets do not work against you. Here at Magna Financial, we can help you optimise your position and minimize your potential risk in the market helping to reduce your costs and protect your bottom-line. As a corporate client with Magna Financial, your dedicated dealer will be purely focused on your particular business. This will give us the benefit of fully understanding your requirements in more detail, properly anticipate your needs and employ the correct strategies to help execute each currency transaction to your best advantage. Like running any business, currency is not the only area which is focused on and therefore could be overlooked. This is where having a sole dealer on your side will help by monitoring the currency markets on your behalf and keep you informed of upcoming economic events that may well impact your position in the market.
Magna financial for private clients
Moving to a new country, purchasing property overseas, or perhaps investing in international organisations, you will be faced with the challenges of foreign exchange fluctuations and risks. The fluctuations between the dates that the offer is accepted on your dream property to the completion date can be extremely costly. Magna Financial can help reduce the risk associated with foreign exchange transactions, give you the comfort and at the same time save you money. Our dedicated dealers will monitor the markets on your behalf and offer professional guidance on the best strategy. We will work with you to get the best foreign currency rates and at the same time help reduce costs.
contract options
The foreign currency market is one of the largest and hardest markets to predict. Impossible to foresee the future, we can help minimise any risk by using strategies to help do so, maximising cost savings for transactions. SPOT CONTRACT If you have funds available, you can "take out" a contract known as a ‘Spot’. Magna Financial will secure the best Spot rate available and can turn around funds within hours of your order, as soon as cleared funds have been received. FORWARD CONTRACT Some clients like to know exactly where they will be buying at any given date or time in the future. This is where you can take advantage by taking out a ‘Forward’. You can fix your exchange rate for up to two years, with the option to draw on the funds at any time. MARKET ORDERS As markets trade around the clock, 7 days a week, you can take advantage of volatile movements and rates which may not be available during trading hours. This tool can be advantageous in protecting a budgeted position, giving you full control.
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Magna Financial offer our clients the best rates and service Clients can benefit from the following services:

*        Savings on exchange rates
*        24 hours delivery of funds internationally
*        1 dedicated dealer as point of contact
*        No commission charges or transfer fees
*        Ability to fix rate for up to 2 years

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Michael Howard
Michael Howard
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First experience of using this type of company and I have been very pleased by the level of service, expertise and professionalism shown by Osman. So far it has been a pain free and easy process. I will continue to use this company and have no problems recommending it to anyone who needs to change any form of currency. Good exchange rates and a pleasant service.
Richard Castello
Richard Castello
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Amazing service thank you. First time used and for sure will do again. Osman could not have been more helpful either
Julie Farley
Julie Farley
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I have using this company for approximately 1 year now and I have received great service. My contact Osman is very friendly and efficient, not to mention patient with my solicitor. All round a good service that I would recommend without haste
Jamie Nisbitt
Jamie Nisbitt
Read More
Magna financial have been outstanding. I needed to change up a large sum of sterling into Euros for a property purchase abroad which is something i have never done before. Osman was professional and helpful and always easy to contact when i needed advice. I would highly recommend this company.

Our tailored strategies and experienced Consultants work together to provide exchange rates that you simply won’t find anywhere else.


Our Consultants seek to build relationships by forming a complete understanding of your business, your industry and your goals, allowing us to stay on top of the challenges you face


Our hand-picked team, selected for their experience and expertise, monitor the market on a constant basis, primed to take advantage of any movement that will benefit you.


Magna Financial stringently observe the compliance and reporting regulations of every jurisdiction in which we are active in order to protect both our company and our customers.


Magna Financial invests and develops technology so we can offer flexible bespoke tools built for your exact circumstances. Our cutting-edge knowledge is backed-up by cutting-edge systems.

Magna Financial Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales (registered no. 09284056). Magna Financial Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Reference number 807745).Registered office: 1 Knightsbridge Green, London, SW1X 7NE.